now this man has enough money to buy all his co-workers also a car

source http://www.vox.com/2015/2/3/7970677/people-have-donated-over-180000-to-a-man-detroit-man-who-walks-21

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how saoudi's pledge alliange to the new king

source http://www.vocativ.com/world/saudi-arabia-world/king-abdullah-saudi-arabia/

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how free is the world today, could be better but it has been much worse before

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the victims of rape are now really treated like victims in England and Wales

"A new set of guidelines has been rolled out to police and prosecutors across England and Wales in an effort to better address charges of rape. The most notable change is that suspects must now establish that their alleged victims consented, rather than the complainants having to prove they said no.


Though current laws require consent, the new recommendations aim to shift the burden onto the accused and take into account murkier circumstances, such as whether contraception was used, and whether an individual was drunk, asleep or passed out, remained silent, or has mental health or developmental issues.

this is one of the biggest and most important changes in the favor of the victims of rape and makes the interpreation of what is rape and when it has to be treated as rape more clear

and no is no is no whenever and however it still is no

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facebook gives Pegida global influence


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China is since last year effectively perfecting its Great Wall of Censorship

it has an army of cybersoldiers for that

Every year it develops new technologies and techniques to go a step further

by succeeding it is inspiring other autocrats and dictators that it is possible to have your own internet free of the influence of the decadent west

source  http://uk.businessinsider.com/china-blocks-vpns-2015-1?r=US

IPFS want to remake an internet that nobody can take down

when they took down the P2P system Napster it was quite easy because a central server was serving as the brain, and the Piratebay (even if it was pretending to be on bullethosting that nobody can identify or take down) had the same problem

When wikileaks was taken down because servers are only hardware and networkcables that are being provided by some-one (there is in fact nothing virtual about the virtual network) hundreds of copies were hosted on other servers to keep the content available (but the prime goal was to make it very difficult and expensive to find hosting that was easily available)

the TOR servers are also difficult to get down but in the end there are people behind them and if you can find the people behind the servers than you can follow them and find out where these hidden servers are placed and than it is just a peace of cake to get them down

when malware and botnets used fastflux hosting in which their command and control servers were located in another country every 5 minutes because they manipulated the DNS system, than it took some time to get all the dns system managers to work together but now blackholing a domainname so that it goes nowhere (even if there are infected servers with that domainname all over the world) is just another procedure

and so we can go on

so it became clear that if you want some content to stay available we need another system and that uses the different new technologies on which is based the internet of today  (fast computers and fast internet computers and mobile access)

so these guys have a project (and a video on their website)

what I am not sure of is if these hosters of these files can't be identified and can't be hold responsable in one way or another and just as some people and firms are afraid to participate in the TOR project because they don't want to be associated to childporn traffic, some people may be afraid to participate in a project in which they don't control which files they have on their PC (and for which they are responsable)

you can participate because the idea is still evolving

source http://ipfs.io/

Facebook #isnotcharlie and never has been because it is only a profitdriven company

source http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-intersect/wp/2015/01/27/two-weeks-after-zuckerberg-said-je-suis-charlie-facebook-begins-censoring-images-of-prophet-muhammad/?tid=trending_strip_2

we do expect too much from these private firms, they are only interested in money because they survive by money and if they have to take down protest pages in Syria, Russia and China to get some business and advertising in these countries, they will,

just as IBM and numerous others (of which Swiss bankers for example) worked with and for the nazi's

pretending otherwise is mostly grandstanding and advertising

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some extremist jewish people are never happy

they are now protect in Antwerp by Paramilitary troops with heavy guns

but they have to leave the palestinian clothes home according to them

they bought them in Afghanistan when they were on duty there and because they are warmer and better than the official clothes

but how do you distinguish one that is from Palestine from one that comes from Afghanistan ?

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when a football club becomes a religion, fanatics show how bad it can be (standard tifo)

this was not a match and shouldn't have been played in these conditions

Anderlecht should have gone home and refuse to play so this problem must have been treated higher up before it gets out of hand

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