and the Russian bombers keep flying to Western Europe, testing our defenses


this is what every military planner is now learning from the war in Ukraine

  just as Putin said, wars are about tanks (and anti tank artillery)

  especially the wars he wants to conduct one after another

  So Obama, bring your tanks back

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how to hack your drone with maldrone (because everything unsecured is hackable)

source http://www.zdnet.com/article/maldrone-malware-which-hijacks-your-personal-drones/

and so on the battlefield of drones we will find hackers and defenders on the ground trying to get in the drone and keeping the hackers out of it

you can find a video here also


#ukraine this is a russian drone that was shot down

Ukraine is the best training and testing war theater around for the moment for both parties

so both are also gaining in intelligence by capturing the most modern new technologies from the other side

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NATO prepares for (proxy)war in #ukraine or elsewhere on the eastern front


U.S. General Philip Breedlove, the supreme NATO commander for Europe, said the alliance had observed “continued resupply, continued training, and continued organization of forces east of the line of contact…There is increasing capacity in the east [of the front line].” 

NATO’s response has been to develop a rapid reaction force that can be sent to at-risk members at short notice. Approved by NATO leaders in September 2014,  that force is now ready for action – albeit temporarily until a permanent force is in place.

“An interim solution is in place and we are focused on a more permanent high-readiness force,” NATO chief Stoltenberg told reporters as the force was activated. 

NATO has also noted a marked rise in the number of Russian incursions into members’ airspace and a spike in military maneuvers around the Baltic Sea, causing the alliance to adapt its program of military exercises there. 

“We want to group some of the existing exercises together so that we can get bigger, more complex exercises to better prepare our forces,” General Breedlove said. “We are looking at increasing some exercises. Because we have taken on new mission requirements, and we want to address some Article 5 [common defense] capabilities and capacities.”

Ukraine will feature prominently in NATO’s exercises this year, taking part in 11 of the organization’s war games. Four of these – Rapid Trident, Safe Skies, Sea Breeze and Sea Shield - will take place on Ukrainian territory.

“The exercises will be the final stage of combat training for the forces, promoting their active use of standards of NATO member countries,” Ukraine’s assistant defense minister Viktoria Kushnir explained.

Belgium wants to replace its F16 only in a partnership with other countries


The document places considerable emphasis on the need for a partner or partnership for the program to succeed, pointing to the success the country has had with its F-16 purchase along with other European NATO members.


"Taking into account the complexity of and the long term … the Belgian Defense is convinced that the only way for this multidimensional and overarching program to succeed is to rely on a credible partner(ship) being able to cover all domains," the document says. But it adds that such a partnership would be limited to EU or NATO member states.


Belgium wants to continue its track record of successful support of NATO and international operations with its future fighter fleet. Even now, Belgium has aircraft deployed in Jordan to support the U.S. led-coalition against Islamic State fighters in Iraq. Belgium wants to be able to deploy as many as 10 fighters for a sustained period of undetermined duration, or "execute a one-time participation in a multinational operation with a maximum engagement of 30 aircraft." But officials insist that the number of aircraft for this kind of operation should not hint at the number that Belgium wishes to purchase. They add that "the current level of ambition will be used as a baseline."


Belgium wants to use its new fighters for a range of missions, including defensive and offensive counter-air, air interdiction and close air support as well as emerging missions, or what the Brussels calls Non-Traditional Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance. Those include the use of targeting pods for target acquisition, and strike coordination and reconnaissance.

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this is why we are heading for more regional conflicts with #Russia

quote from the new military doctrine signed by Putin and released 27th of december 

""Global developments at present stage are characterized by an increasing global competition, tensions in various interstate and interregional areas," said the document, signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Dec. 26. "There are many regional conflicts which remain unresolved. There is a tendency to force their resolution, including those which are in the regions bordering the Russian Federation. The existing architecture of the international security system does not provide an equal level of security to all states. http://www.defensenews.com/story/defense/policy-budget/po...

If you read this than you will understand that Putin doesn't want to use international fora or agreements to resolve conflicts because he doesn't always gets what he wants 

to force their solution you need a military force capable of pushing the neighbor into submission or make such an impression that other parties (nato or usa) don't interfere 

clear and simple if your country is bordering the Russian Federation

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meanwhile in #Ukraine the russian military buildup continues (never stopped)

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leaked how does in pic networked intelligenceguided war operations look like (centcom leak)

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leaked the US operation against DRC congo nuclear installations (centcom leak)


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