terrorism statistics that proof of the opposite of the headline

"TSA had a busy year in 2014, screening more than 653 million passengers in 2014 (about 1.8 million per day), which is 14.8 million more passengers than last year.

2,212 firearms were discovered in carry-on bags at checkpoints across the country, averaging more than sixfirearms per day. Of those, 1,835 (83 percent) were loaded. Firearms were intercepted at a total of 224 airports; 19 more airports than last year.

There was a 22 percent increase in firearm discoveries from last year’s total of 1,813.

so on 653 million people there were 2212 fire arms found. So even if every firearm is dangerous and it is good that they are found this means that it is very very seldom found

and the increase of nearly 15 million passengers was responsable for an increase of 400 firearms

it is clear that in a country where most people have firearms that it is still a wonder that only so few were found but it also shows that there will always be people in the US who will always have a firearm with them, wherever they go and whatever the regulation and control

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now this man has enough money to buy all his co-workers also a car

source http://www.vox.com/2015/2/3/7970677/people-have-donated-over-180000-to-a-man-detroit-man-who-walks-21

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why twitter will need to do more to keep isis out of its network

"ISIS is coaching its Twitter army to hijack dormant Western Twitter accounts to evade the microblogging service’s cull of jihadi accounts. Twitter suspended more than 1,400 ISIS accounts since the group released the first video of Kenji Goto, the late Japanese hostage, two weeks ago. Over the past month, Twitter has also purged tens of thousands of ISIS-related accounts. ISIS supporters are circulating a new social media guide with instructions for acquiring accounts undetected.

twitter should set more locks on dormant accounts and shouldn't let them be re-activated by a simple email and secondly it should use more filters and more human controllers to keep pedophiles, scammers and terrorists out of its network and use its influence

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isis is now using opensource shootergames to recruit youngsters

source http://www.vocativ.com/world/isis-2/isis-video-games/

how saoudi's pledge alliange to the new king

source http://www.vocativ.com/world/saudi-arabia-world/king-abdullah-saudi-arabia/

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how free is the world today, could be better but it has been much worse before

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the victims of rape are now really treated like victims in England and Wales

"A new set of guidelines has been rolled out to police and prosecutors across England and Wales in an effort to better address charges of rape. The most notable change is that suspects must now establish that their alleged victims consented, rather than the complainants having to prove they said no.


Though current laws require consent, the new recommendations aim to shift the burden onto the accused and take into account murkier circumstances, such as whether contraception was used, and whether an individual was drunk, asleep or passed out, remained silent, or has mental health or developmental issues.

this is one of the biggest and most important changes in the favor of the victims of rape and makes the interpreation of what is rape and when it has to be treated as rape more clear

and no is no is no whenever and however it still is no

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datamining and probability mathematics makes even anonymous dataset personal

"Scientists found that four pieces of personal data—seemingly innocent things, like where you ate lunch last week or how much you paid for your new hat—is all it takes to steal your identity. Although we often think of identity theft as a hacker’s game, a new study shows that even public datasets used by scientists and pollsters are exceedingly vulnerable to being compromised.


After examining 1.1 million credit card records, the researchers found that they were able to reconstruct 90 percent of shoppers’ (supposedly anonymous) identities based solely on factors like where they had shopped and how much they had paid.http://www.vocativ.com/culture/science/credit-card-data-t...

that is why you have tools to switch data in datasets so that it is still correct in the form that is needed but it is impossible to have any real identity come out of it

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bitcoin is in fact the only virtual money that matters and it is also going down down

source http://coinmarketcap.com/

what these financial wizards are forgetting is that the first reason that these currencies were made was to make an anonymous money or to make a currency that would replace all the transactions between local currencies


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facebook gives Pegida global influence


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