terrorism statistics that proof of the opposite of the headline

"TSA had a busy year in 2014, screening more than 653 million passengers in 2014 (about 1.8 million per day), which is 14.8 million more passengers than last year.

2,212 firearms were discovered in carry-on bags at checkpoints across the country, averaging more than sixfirearms per day. Of those, 1,835 (83 percent) were loaded. Firearms were intercepted at a total of 224 airports; 19 more airports than last year.

There was a 22 percent increase in firearm discoveries from last year’s total of 1,813.

so on 653 million people there were 2212 fire arms found. So even if every firearm is dangerous and it is good that they are found this means that it is very very seldom found

and the increase of nearly 15 million passengers was responsable for an increase of 400 firearms

it is clear that in a country where most people have firearms that it is still a wonder that only so few were found but it also shows that there will always be people in the US who will always have a firearm with them, wherever they go and whatever the regulation and control

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