why intellingence services and obserservers are convinced #Snowden is a Russian operative

"We also have the expert testimony, last May, of Oleg Kalugin, a retired KGB general, that “of course” Snowden is working for Russian intelligence. Kalugin “made his bones” heading Line KR, the legendary foreign counterintelligence arm of the KGB’s elite First Chief Directorate: in other words, his job was recruiting and running agents just like Ed Snowden. Unless you happen to know more about Line KR operations than MajGen Kalugin, I recommend you take his word on this one.


Sarah Harrison, after more than eighteen months of flat-out denials that Russian intelligence had anything to do with her client/buddy Ed, now concedes that the FSB did have a chat with the defector. However, she maintains:


1. Ed said no and gave the Russians nothing, ever.


2. The FSB never asked Ed again to cooperate.


3. The Kremlin was fine with this and allowed Ed to stay in Russia indefinitely despite his non-cooperation.


If you believe any of these assertions, much less all of them, please do not discuss important matters like intelligence when adults are present, since you appear a fool and Putin patsy.


this means that even if he wasn't or isn't a spy he is an operative working now from time to time for the Russian desinformation campaign trying to derail the NSA policies, practices and technologies 

the only problem is that 1/11 is for the Snowden-circus what 9/11 was for the Enchelon enquiry in the European parliament that was never really finished because of the attacks. THe most urgent imperative is now to have a framework in which we can exchange information about real dangers and be sure that the bounderies of freedom and privacy are not too much limited or abused even if there is no real threat

really paranoid people will start to think that the NSA is behind those attacks just to be able to stop those investigations ...... (I am not one of them)

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