this is why we are heading for more regional conflicts with #Russia

quote from the new military doctrine signed by Putin and released 27th of december 

""Global developments at present stage are characterized by an increasing global competition, tensions in various interstate and interregional areas," said the document, signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Dec. 26. "There are many regional conflicts which remain unresolved. There is a tendency to force their resolution, including those which are in the regions bordering the Russian Federation. The existing architecture of the international security system does not provide an equal level of security to all states. http://www.defensenews.com/story/defense/policy-budget/po...

If you read this than you will understand that Putin doesn't want to use international fora or agreements to resolve conflicts because he doesn't always gets what he wants 

to force their solution you need a military force capable of pushing the neighbor into submission or make such an impression that other parties (nato or usa) don't interfere 

clear and simple if your country is bordering the Russian Federation

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