we may thank ASSAD for ISIS

"The Syrian regime has been prominently accused of boosting ISIS earlier on in the Syrian revolution, allegedly releasing many ISIS leaders from Assad’s jails

“In 2011, the majority of the current ISIS leadership was released from jail by Bashar al-Assad,” Mohammed al-Saud, a Syrian dissident with the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces told Newsweek earlier this year.

In a scathing report last January, Western intelligence sources and activists told the Daily Telegraph that ISIS militants had been ordered released to fight the FSA and other anti-regime groups in order “to persuade the West the uprising is terrorist-led.”

Aron Lund, editor of Syria in Crisis, a website used by the Carnegie Endowment to monitor the war, told the newspaper: “The regime has done a good job in trying to turn the revolution Islamist.”

He added: “The releases from Sednaya prison [near Damascus] are a good example of this. The regime claims that it released the prisoners because Assad had shortened their sentences as part of a general amnesty. But it seems to have gone beyond that. There are no random acts of kindness from this regime.

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